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Introduction to Bamboo Skewer

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Bamboo sticks are used more and more widely, such as barbecue, spicy sot pot, sugar painting,sugar-coated haws and so on need to use it.These sticks can be made of iron, bamboo and wood,but using renewable bamboo sticks is becoming more common as people become more environmentally conscious.

Our bamboo sticks use natural bamboo as raw materials, products comply with international testing standards such as SGS, FDA, LFGB, etc.After drying, cutting,chipping,separation filament,cutting filament,sharpened,quality inspection,packing these processes, to ensure that our products are not only paint-free, wax-free, oil-free, and free of any chemical ingredients, you can use them with confidence, and they are of good quality, tough and not easy to break, and the surface of each bamboo pole is polished and smooth.

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