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Wooden knife fork and spoon

Have you figured out that the person with average skills uses at least six plastic utensils per week? It's estimated that over 100 million plastic utensils are disposed of annually in the usa alone, causing injury to the environmental surroundings and wildlife and Jianting Bamboo bamboo cutlery set pouch. However, utilizing the innovation of the Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon, we could put a finish for this wasteful habit! Why don't we find the advantages of this product that is innovative.


The Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic utensils and Jianting Bamboo bamboo chopsticks. They are produced from sustainably sourced and renewable wood, which makes them biodegradable and compostable. The Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon break down within a few months, reducing the impact on the environment unlike plastic utensils, which can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.

Why choose Jianting Bamboo Wooden knife fork and spoon?

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How exactly to use:

The Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon act like utensils that are plastic that they can be used to cut and scoop food or Jianting Bamboo striped colored paper straw disposable drinking. However, unlike plastic utensils, they ought to never be used to stir liquids that are hot leave in hot sauce or soup for longer periods because the wood can bend or break. To keep up their quality, it is strongly recommended to wash them by hand using mild soap and water.


The Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon come with a level that is high of service and Jianting Bamboo wooden skewers in oven. The manufacturers are interested in providing their clients utilizing the best product and experience. In case of any product defects or issues, they offer a refund that is full replace the item. There is also an individual service team available to answer any queries or concerns.


The Wooden Knife Fork and Spoon are of high quality, and they are durable such as Jianting Bamboo japanese chopsticks. They are made of premium wood that can withstand wear and tear. Despite being produced from wood, they don't splinter or break easily, making them more reliable than plastic utensils.

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